Kirkham.IT Our Way Brings Peace of Mind to Your Business

Kirkham.IT spends a lot of time understanding the objectives of our client’s company, but IT is more than that. Excellent IT performance requires things to be considered from the human component as well. Our processes are designed to address both needs to make sure IT works for people and the company.

Our Way makes your IT life easier

Whether it’s everyday problems or an ongoing concern you bring up in every staff meeting, there are IT issues you worry about. Are you troubled by some of these?

  • How do we protect our data and our customers from hacking—and do our employees realize how vulnerable they are and how easily hackers can destroy your company data?
  • Is our company and our data in compliance with our regulatory standards?
  • What happens if our building is destroyed in a natural disaster, a fire, by vandalism? How and when can we be up and running?
  • Do we have backups? How often should we do it? What if somebody forgets their Friday afternoon backup?
  • Why are we wasting time every day fixing some small technical problem? We shouldn’t have to deal with technical problems!
  • Is it a glitch—or do my employees just not understand? Their questions sound stupid sometimes. Some of them are afraid to even ask.

Kirkham.IT Our Way is Your Way

Find out more about how Kirkham.IT’s philosophies that will make your business better. The interviews below are with Tom Kirkham, (CEO, Kirkham, Inc.), Matt Caswell (President, Kirkham.IT) and Carmen Taylor (Really Scene), and we discuss why our way is your way.

Peace of Mind

Matt talks about how we provide our clients with “Peace of Mind” (1:25)

Your Company’s Brand and IT Management

Carmen asks Matt about how we match our client’s company’s culture with IT investments. (4:12)

Common Goals

Tom and Matt describe how Kirkham.IT’s agreements are aligned with the client’s. (2:23)

What About Ransomware?

Tom asks Matt how Kirkham.IT foils ransomware attacks. (3:12)

Staying on the Reservation

Matt discusses our “They Are Going Off the Reservation” phrase. (1:12)

Communications and IT

Matt and Tom discuss loneliness and that point when IT becomes an investment, not an expense, and how we don’t do “geek speak” (5:06)

IT and Overall Company Management

Matt and Tom discuss how pervasive IT is in our client’s business, and how we should be included in all discussions, especially disaster planning. (6:28)

Technology: Lexus or Ferrari?

Tom discusses buying and using the right technology for the objective. (2:26)

Are You Sure You Want to Change IT Providers?

Carmen asks about changing IT providers. (2:31)

Leading Edge or Bleeding Edge?

Matt and Tom discuss which to buy, and understanding the intricacies of buying line-of-business applications. (8:21)

Culture and Technology

Tom discusses stakeholders and IT. (2:35)

Processes and Culture

Why processes are so important. (2:31)

Aligned With Our Clients

Tom talks about how Kirkham.IT’s objectives are so closely aligned with our clients’. (1:25)

What Tools We Use

Tom runs through some of the many tools we use. (1:27)