For Immediate Release:  April 9, 2020


Security Measures Critical to Ensuring Safe, Productive Remote Workforce

Kirkham.IT Provides Fast, Seamless, Cost-Effective Cybersecurity Solutions to Make Working from Home Easy and Safe


Fort Smith, Ark. – As employers scramble to create an infrastructure to support remote workforces during self-isolation and quarantine, their first priority is to offer an environment where workers can reach full productivity. This goal should come after what is really the first priority – security. Remote workforce attacks are at an all-time high, malicious actors are taking advantage of remote users unsecured networks. Most employees working remotely do not have the same security in place compared to working in the office. This leaves networks, systems, and data vulnerable.

“Right now we believe every IT system is at an all-time vulnerability,” says Kirkham.IT CEO Tom Kirkham. “Cybercriminals are taking advantage of COVID-19. We fear that systems are left vulnerable and users unaware of how to detect threats. We’ve deployed hundreds of safe and secure remote work endpoints the past two weeks. We’ve also seen that hackers are more sophisticated than ever. These attacks are specifically done on remote work solutions at volume. We’re talking about automated processes that can detect open ports and once they do, can steal data, corrupt your system and even demand ransom.”

It is critical for business leaders to have a heighted responsibility to set a clear expectation about how they are managing security risk. Businesses need to be concerned with having unmatched security, the proper support and the proper services available to them.

Remote workforce solutions just like all security practices rely on layered security. Layered security is the practice of combining multiple security controls (defense) throughout an IT system to protect resources and data. Kirkham.IT divides layered security solutions into three key areas: physical controls, administrative controls, and technical controls. All three of these controls must exist for a company to be secure.


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