Learn Workplace Communication With Slack

Where do we even start? Slack has completely changed how we work everyday. We use Slack constantly throughout our day, it is our primary source of communication between our employees. The most beneficial thing about Slack is that helps teams communicate across remote distances.

Slack is a workplace communication tool with one single place for messaging, tools, and files. It enables and encourages the sharing of documents, images and other assets across your team. Slack also has lots of add-ins and integrations. Some of our favorites are Zoom and Teamline.

What’s so special about Slack?

One of Slack’s most helpful features is the ability to create different channels with whomever you would like to be in it. These can be public and if you wish, private. Channels can be based on anything- teams, projects, or even office locations. You can create as many as you channels in the format that you need. Direct messages (DMs) are best for conversations that don’t require a whole channel to weigh in. It is an easy way to have a one on one conversation, ask simple questions, and catch up with a teammate. DMs are always private but they can include up to 8 people.

Slack helps you keep EVERYTHING organized. With having separate channels, you keep conversations in one place. If speaking about a specific project, you won’t be clogging up someone’s email or blowing up a group chat. It also makes previously sent attachments and pictures easy to find.

Take advantage of Slack Calls. With Slack Calls you can make a call and connect with any member or members in your workspace. This is great when needing to have a quick discussion without leaving Slack. The quality is great, and takes less time than picking up your cell phone.

Slack allows users to have a profile full of helpful information available to other employees on the team. You can set a status, for example: in a meeting, commuting, out sick, vacationing, or working remotely. You also can add your Zoom link and scheduling link, all to your profile. This feature comes in handy when working remotely.

Our Favorite Integrations

Integrations are tools that enable you to build your existing work tools into Slack and bring important alerts like email, straight into Slack. You would be surprised at how many apps you can integrate into slack. Some are Google Drive, 1Password, and Zapier.

  1. Zoom is an integration that we use every single day, integrating Zoom with Slack makes using Zoom so simple. You can Zoom directly from Slack. Zoom is a videoconferencing platform for virtual meetings. You can have meetings over video, audio and even share your screen with participants. It is easy to use and download, it’s great for meeting with your team when working remotely.
  2. Teamline is an easy project management tool. Teamline eliminates the need for long to-do lists and time-consuming project management software. It gives everyone in your Slack workplace a complete view of tasks assigned to them, across many projects/channels. You can track and assign tasks directly from Slack. Slack will send you notifications of upcoming tasks, tasks overdue and comments. It has made it easy for our team to coordinate on projects as we go. You have the option in Teamline to add checklists, descriptions of tasks, assign team members, and add attachments. We highly recommend giving it a try!

It is a secure working environment.

Slack has two-factor authentication (2FA) for accounts. This is an additional layer of security and something that we believe should be used as much as possible here at Kirkham. Having two-factor authentication in place drastically reduces the chance of an attacker accessing your data.

Give Slack a try. It is easy to use and is very beneficial to our team. It could be exactly what you and your team have been looking for.