When you hear someone talk about data backup, you might wonder why data backup is important for your business. Is your data couldn’t really be at risk, right? Well, you could be wrong. Every day, people’s information is stolen by cybercriminals.  IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report found that the average total cost of a data breach is $3.86 million and moving in an upward trend. Let’s dive a little deeper and discuss why data backup is important for your business and the advantages of data backup and recovery.

First of all, what is a data backup?

Plain and simple, a data backup is the act of copying and saving records of the information stored on your devices (phone, laptop, tablets, desktop computers) in the case that something happens to these devices and the information is lost, but needs to be restored. While this may sound like a daunting task, it isn’t hard to do.

Losing your data can happen in many ways. It could be from something as simple as a computer crashing or human error, but it could also be from something malicious such as a ransomware attack or other forms of malware attacks. Backing up your data means you can sleep a little easier at night knowing your data is backed up for safekeeping.

The top 5 reasons why data backup is important for your business in 2021

1. Preventing lost data

This is one of the obvious reasons you should backup your data. Losing your data can be terrifying. You could lose passwords, client payment information, and documents that are irreplaceable. It’s kind of like having a safety cushion for “what if” situations.

2. New and evolving threats

There is always going to be new cyber threats to worry about. An alarming statistic that everyone needs to know – ransomware attacks occur every 11 seconds. Can you believe that? Small and large organizations are all at risk for these threats, so don’t become one of those companies that thinks they’re exempt from malicious activity. By backing up your data, you’re making sure that your data is protected from malicious actors and any type of attack that you could encounter. Ransomware, malware, and computer viruses are threats that everyone should be prepared for.

3. Human error

Everyone makes mistakes, so human error is always a possibility. According to Amy Carrado, senior director of research and market intelligence at CompTIA, 58% of data breaches are due to human error. This could be due to weak password security, clicking on links or attachments in a phishing email, and/or sharing information with the wrong people. If any of these were to happen, you could lose all of your sensitive information. Backing up your data could save you in this situation.

4. Physical theft

If someone were to physically break into your house or business and steal your devices, all of the information on your devices could be gone. While you might not have your devices, you could still have access to your irreplaceable data if backed up properly.

5. Mother nature

Our final reason why data backup is important for your business is mother nature. Natural disasters can also cause data loss. A hurricane, tornado, or strong thunderstorm can cause a complete system outage at any given time. Backing up your information regularly ensures that your information can be recovered when needed.

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In conlusion, the importance of data backup

Losing your data can be devastating. If you think you or your business is immune to data loss, you’re wrong. Backing up all of the irreplaceable information that your devices hold can save you from losing important documents, clients’ sensitive information, emails, and many other things that are necessary to run a business. Next time you think your information isn’t worth backing up, remember all of the possibilities that could potentially arise.It is critical that you are confident in your backup and disaster recovery plan, you want to be up and running as soon as possible if an event were to occur. Hopefully this article sufficiently explained why data backup is important for your business in 2021.